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September 10, 2009

add extra mount option when mount ocfs2 volume by RA

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Just today, I know how to add extra mount options (like journal mod, or acl, or ….) when mount ocfs2 volume by pacemaker resource agent.

Type ‘crm ra info Filesystem ocf’, here is the output:

Filesystem resource agent (ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem)

Resource script for Filesystem. It manages a Filesystem on a shared storage medium.

Parameters (* denotes required, [] the default):

device* (string): block device
The name of block device for the filesystem, or -U, -L options for mount, or NFS mount specification.

directory* (string): mount point
The mount point for the filesystem.

fstype* (string): filesystem type
The optional type of filesystem to be mounted.

options (string)
Any extra options to be given as -o options to mount.

For bind mounts, add “bind” here and set fstype to “none”.
We will do the right thing for options such as “bind,ro”.

Operations’ defaults (advisory minimum):

start         timeout=60
stop          timeout=60
notify        timeout=60
monitor_0     interval=20 timeout=40 start-delay=0

Now I know add a options=”” key words in the cib configuration can make it. Thanks to Dejan Muhamedagic 🙂

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