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February 7, 2011

alloc_sem of Ext4 block group

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Yesterday Amir Goldstein sent me an email for a deadlock issue. I was in Chinese New Year vacation, could not have time to check the code (also I know I can not answer his question with ease). Thanks to Ted, he provides a quite clear answer. I feel Ted’s answer is also very informative to me, I copy&past the conversation from to my blog. The copy rights of the bellowed referenced text belong to their original authors.

On Sun, Feb 06, 2011 at 10:43:58AM +0200, Amir Goldstein wrote:
> When looking at alloc_sem, I realized that it is only needed to avoid
> race with adjacent group buddy initialization.
Actually, alloc_sem is used to protect all of the block group specific
data structures; the buddy bitmap counters, adjusting the buddy bitmap
itself, the largest free order in a block group, etc.  So even in the
case where block_size == page_size, alloc_sem is still needed!
– Ted

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  1. As in this post it been mentioned alloc_sem of Ext4 is been defined as protecting all the block group such as bitmap counters some of the specific data structures which really work out.

    Comment by windows kernel development — November 25, 2011 @ 6:14 am

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